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Analytical Solutions Co.


Analytical Solutions — is one from few Ukrainian companies that offers not full product range but looking for best decision that fits client’s needs.

We are team that specialized how to manage information flow more effectively, from small company to business giant.


Our mission - is to give clients better solution to manage information flow within full range company’s processes – accounting, finance management and control, sales, logistic, workflow etc. Main principle is to make better, practical solution for our clients which is balanced between money, HR and, more important, time resources.

How we do achievements:

ANALYTICAL SOLUTION — ТЕХНОЛОГИИ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ДАННЫМИ You manage business. We manage information.

We solve tasks optimally due to using own solutions: Corporate portal, CASH CONTROL SYSTEM, CRMAX, PORTADOCS, EFFECTUM, and best solutions from our partners. Our solutions portfolio includes software from MS Office, Share Point, 1C to ERP systems.

Our responsibility


You have no needs to interact with crowd of suppliers to manage your information flow. We are responsible for all solutions and services you’ve got from AS or our partners.

First service which we provide is information audit. We define your needs in information management and propose better solution.

Long-term partnership

Our company seeks to steady and long-term partnership instead of one-time deal.

Are you looking for solution?

Ask us about your needs and our experts will help you.


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